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How expensive is home staging?

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

This is usually the first question potential clients ask us. It comes in many forms but essentially home sellers want to know the cost to stage their property for sale. Our answer is pretty simple and doesn't require a lot of thought. We can stage to your budget and it does depend on how much work your property needs.

Staging is your best investment to insure your house for sale appeals to the most buyers. Buyers first look online, often on their cell phone, so your listing needs to include great photos showing the attributes of your property, like fireplaces, hardwood floors, gleaming ensuites, and a tranquil master bedroom. Professional staging is not like decorating in that your stager will use the right mix and amount of art, decor, furniture and accessories to enhance each room. They know to use fresh, fluffy white towels in the washrooms so they appear clean and inviting, and bring in art and accessories that are large enough and show well in photos. The stager will bring decor pillows and throws that you wouldn't dare use in day to day life but will inspire buyers. The right amount of greenery is added to each room to add an unexpected but beautiful dimension.

So how much does it cost to stage a house? It really does depend on the size of each room including how many walls there are. Artwork adds beauty and colour and is an important component of staging. If you have a room with lots of windows and hopefully amazing views, you will need less artwork. You should first consider staging an investment as staged homes really do sell faster (less cost while you are on the market) and for up to 39% more than unstaged homes. Buyers will pay a premium for a well-marketed property. The upgrades your stager may recommend, like changing flooring and painting walls, pay off in huge dividends. Your professional stager knows what buyers will "pay" for. They will also tell you where not to invest in. Too often we see home sellers adding multiple colours of paint or painting bold, bright colours when buyers want neutrals to work with. You stager can also recommend professionals and provide discounts for upgrades. Your best investment is a staging consultation where each room is visited and recommendations are made. They then create a game plan for the work to be completed.

So let's finally give you the answer! Professional staging doesn't cost a dime. It truly is an investment that when made with the right company, pays off in high dividends- a faster sale for the most money out there!

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